In these relaxing classes you will discover the joy of painting with watercolors. If you have always wanted to try watercolor, these are the classes for you! Paints, brushes, and paper are included so you do not have the large start up expense of buying costly art supplies. You will complete a painting in each class as Marian demonstrates them step by step.

I have included links showing student paintings to give you a realistic idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that these are beginning watercolorists — usually they have not painted with watercolors before the lesson. I have included ALL the paintings from a class — not just the best.

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Introduction to brushes, paper, paints. Mixing greens, splattering, using a sponge.
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Dry Brush Technique - Georgia Barn
Dry brush techniques, painting grasses, and scraping.
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How to Paint Clouds
Learn how to paint clouds. Layering and softening edges to shape a round form.
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Gradated washes, using a rigger brush, scraping to capture the sparkle on the water.
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Mixing darks, negative painting, blowing the paint for an abstract feel.
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Five Robins Lesson 6 Intro To Watercolor
Painting wet into wet, saving whites.
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You will learn how to paint a soft background, how to paint around objects, and how to blow the paint for a loose, interesting effect.
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Splattering sand, palm fronds, ocean blues
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Salt technique, layering to enhance the depth
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The drippy technique, light against dark emphasis
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