Lavender in France

This scarf for women was hand-painted from a photo taken in the south of France near Gordes. I blended the colors to create the foreground fields.


This unique accessory will enhance your entire outfit and you will get many compliments on your individual fashion style.

My process: I paint my scarves on white Habotai 100% silk scarves with hand-rolled hems. I stretch the scarf on a frame and then, after drawing the design, I first apply a water based resist. The resist is used to prevent the dye from reaching other areas of the fabric -- it fences in the dye.

Once the resist is dry, I use the finest French silk dyes to paint the background and also drop the dye into the designed areas. Finally, I use a thickener mixed with dye to paint in fine details. The thickened mixture is a syrup consistency and this helps to keeps the dye in place.

The scarf is then rolled in newsprint and steamed in a large pot on my stove for 2 hours. The excitement comes when I unroll the scarf to see the vibrant colors. I then wash the scarf with a special silk soap that removes the resist, the thickening agent, and restores the silk to its soft natural "hand". After pressing, it is ready to wear.

Silk is a durable fabric that can be hand washed, dry cleaned, and ironed.

Size: 21 x 21 inches