I first used watercolor paints in junior high with my best friend, Lisa. Lisa was a terrific artist and took lessons every Saturday morning at the local art school in Tallahassee, FL. I often got to audit the classes because we had spent the night and I was tagging along. In high school Lisa and I were able to take the advanced art classes, which helped to strengthen my skills. In those days we spent many hours outdoors doing pen & ink sketches with watercolor washes. We painted plein air — away from our parents and younger siblings. I used the cheapest paper and, can you imagine, the 8 color school watercolor sets? I continued my art training in college taking advanced art classes while I pursued a more “practical” degree in Math.

After college I began a computer programming career at IBM in Rochester, MN and raised my two daughters with my husband Tom.

I didn’t paint for a number of years until my mother retired. She asked me to accompany her on a painting trip to Ireland in 1996 — so I bought some new paints and paper and we had a terrific time! Our initial paintings were pretty bad. Ireland is so green and we tried to paint what we saw — a lot of green paintings. Midway through the trip we happened upon a gallery and noticed that the artists used purples, golds, etc. to paint the local scenery. That sure helped.